Poulie aluminium NMP-D taille 18 mm Tye Tec.
Poulie aluminium NMP-D taille 18 mm Tye Tec.

NMP Deck Block - For 10mm rope

Part #NMP-D471818


The NMP-D block to be mounted on deck, on the mast, on a track or slide.
The NMP-D block is fixed with a stainless-steel screw through the central bore. Two smaller screws on the outer radius maintain the rope in position against the sheave.
Without these two screws, the block can be used as a deflector, just flipping the line behind it.
The MWL specified relates to the horizontal force on the block with its lower face on the deck.The MWL can be lower for different types of attachment and in relation to the stiffness of the deck.


Cheek block

Technical information

  • Materials Anodised aluminium
  • Length (mm) 47
  • Working load (kg) 3500
  • Weight (g) 34
  • B (mm) 18
  • d diameter (mm) 10
  • D diameter (mm) 5


Working load (WL) : for nautical applications

Working Load Limit (WLL): for industrial applications only.
The safety factor is 5 times the breaking load.
WLL = Breaking load / 5