Cadène de fargue modèle déposé Wichard.
Cadène de fargue modèle déposé Wichard.

Toe rail pad eye - Asymetric - Dia: 9 - 13 mm

Part #16614


asymetric model allowing to use the toe rail for attachment (blocks, barber hauler, boom brake...)
It prevents from damaging the toe rail
Easy installation by unscrewing the pin
For asymetric toe rail


Allows to attach blocks, barber hauler, boom brake or boom preventer…

Technical information

  • Materials HR 17.4 PH stainless steel grade
  • Working load (kg) 960
  • Breaking load (kg) 3000
  • Weight (g) 186
  • A (mm) De 9 à 13
  • C (mm) De 2 à 5
  • D (mm) 14
  • H (mm) 40


Working load (WL) : for nautical applications

Working Load Limit (WLL): for industrial applications only.
The safety factor is 5 times the breaking load.
WLL = Breaking load / 5