Folding pad eye - Dia 10 mm
Folding pad eye - Dia 10 mm

Folding pad eye - Dia 10 mm

Part #6606


Perfect solution for fastening applications (stay, blocks, jib tack point, lifeline, tether etc...)
Fully dropforged product with outstanding working and breaking loads regardless the angle of the load
Modern and optimized design to suit aesthetics of modern boats
They can be fold down to minimize the risk of injuries
The silicon pad eliminates noise and unpleasant vibrations
Modern design


For any fastening/attachment application: shroud, stay, blocks, lifeline, jib tack point etc…)

Technical information

  • Materials 17.4 pH stainless steel
    316L stainless steel grade
  • Working load (kg) 4080
  • Breaking load (kg) 9000
  • Weight (g) 355
  • A (mm) 75
  • B (mm) 45
  • C (mm) 25
  • D (mm) 80
  • d diameter (mm) 10
  • D diameter (mm) 10
  • E (mm) 68
  • F (mm) 45


Working load (WL) : for nautical applications

Working Load Limit (WLL): for industrial applications only.
The safety factor is 5 times the breaking load.
WLL = Breaking load / 5