NEW FOR 2023: Chain grip kit for sailing and motor boats, ready to use

25 | 04 | 2023

For a smoother anchorage

Take the strain off your windlass with Wichard’s brand new, ready-to-use chain grip kit. This kit consists of a Wichard chain grip, forged from Duplex stainless steel, and pre-spliced three-strand polyester rope.

The chain grip

For anchoring chains between 8 and 12mm, this part, forged from Duplex stainless steel for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance, will set in between 2 links in your chain. In this way, it relieves chain tension and windlass stress.

The optimised design prevents the chain from slipping out, while still allowing a crewman to remove it easily from the chain if you need to weigh anchor quickly. 

The rope

Three-strand polyester, pre-spliced onto the chain grip: The rope is available in three lengths: 4, 5 or 6 metres. For improved safety, a wear indicator is integrated into the rope, which is revealed as a red thread.

Colour: Black and blue

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