Loop Haul 40 x 35mm
Loop Haul 40 x 35mm

Loop Haul 40 x 35mm

Part #LX403512


Hauls are used mainly as deflectors
TyeTec® hauls are available in five sizes. They are also characterized
by their low weight and smooth surface, combining low friction and great strength. In contrast to thimbles, the load is distributed over a large radius reducing any chance of wear or chafe.


Rope deflector

Technical information

  • Materials anodised aluminium
  • Length (mm) 35
  • Working load (kg) 1600
  • Weight (g) 23
  • A (mm) 40
  • B (mm) 21
  • C (mm) 12


Working load (WL) : for nautical applications

Working Load Limit (WLL): for industrial applications only.
The safety factor is 5 times the breaking load.
WLL = Breaking load / 5