Poulie textile MXLEvo 16 mm inox et dyneema Wichard.
Poulie textile MXLEvo 10 mm inox et dyneema Wichard.
Poulie textile MXLEvo 16 mm inox et dyneema Wichard.
Poulie textile MXLEvo 10 mm inox et dyneema Wichard.

MXLEvo 16 - Soft block - Rope size 16 mm

Part #21106


Wichard is proud to present the MXLEvo: a soft block solution designed for all yachtsmen, whether amateur or pro. Designed for heavy load applications (mast foot, halyard tackle, barber hauler, snatch blocks, etc.), this system is available in three sizes.
Economical and easy to use:
Delivered complete with a Dyneema SK78 loop, you don't need any specific technical knowledge to use
the MXLEvo. It can be installed quickly and easily on any type of anchoring (chain plate, head ropes, etc.).
The rope housing keeps the ropes inside the block when there is no load on the system. The MXLEvo offers excellent value for money. It is one of the cheapest soft blocks on the market.

Heavy load applications:
The MXLEvo is designed to be used with heavier loads (low rope movement speed). As such, it is the perfect
solution for use as: a mast foot block, halyard tackle, barber hauler, block and tackle, sheet return, large sail
foot, etc.).

Lightweight, robust and highly compact:
MXLEvo provides exceptional resistance for its weight. In comparison with a standard competitor's block, The MXLEvo 10 is:
• twice as robust
• half the weight
• a third of the size
•For a breaking load of 5 tonnes, the MXLEvo 16 is 35% lighter.

A reliable solution with no need for maintenance:
As it does not contain any moving parts (such as a sheave), the MXLEvo is extremely reliable and requires
no maintenance.

Adaptable to your deck plan
The loop on the MXLEvo can be positioned in one of two ways, making it easily adaptable to your deck and
to whatever anchoring point or chain plate alignment you choose.


Mast foot block
Halyard block
sheet return
Mainsail outhaul
Snatch block: in that case it is recommended to use a 8 mm rope size

Technical information

  • Materials Duplex stainless steel grade
    S78 Dyneema®
  • Rope size Pour cordage de 16 mm
  • Length (mm) 47
  • Width (mm) 60
  • Thickness (mm) 41
  • Loop diameter (mm) 6
  • Loop length (mm) 270
  • Working load (kg) 2500
  • Breaking load (kg) 5000
  • Weight (g) 140


Working load (WL) : for nautical applications

Working Load Limit (WLL): for industrial applications only.
The safety factor is 5 times the breaking load.
WLL = Breaking load / 5