Ancre aluminium Fortress.
Ancre aluminium Fortress.

FX55 Fortress anchor - Boat 15 to 18m

Part #FX55


Wichard offers the whole range of Fortress anchors for boats from 8 to 21 m. Made of aluminium, the Fortrss anchor brings safety during moorings. Its performances are wel recognized all around the world. Thanks to its adjustable flukes (from 32° to 45°), the holding power in soft mud bottoms is increased by 400%.
Light, easy to dismantle and compact, the Fortress anchor can be operated by any crew member.
Technical data:
Shank length A mm: 1168
Fluke length B mm: 686
Stock length C mm: 940
for boats from: 15 to 18 m

Technical information

  • Schackle diameter (mm) 12
  • Working load (kg) 1800
  • Weight (kg) 15


Working load (WL) : for nautical applications

Working Load Limit (WLL): for industrial applications only.
The safety factor is 5 times the breaking load.
WLL = Breaking load / 5