80 g

Réf 10193

Knives / Rescue knife strap cutter model


Specifically developed for rescue operations ans extreme sports (offshore racing, sport catamaran, white water sports, etc.).

It allows you to quickly cut ropes of small diameters (Dyneema®, ropes, straps, kite surf lines, etc...)
The secure sheath enable the stap cutter to be positioned in all situations. The sheath offers many fastening point : personally on the practitioner (life jacket, arm, leg), on different supports (cockpit, helm column, mast foot, trampoline, martingale, etc...).
Thanks to a specific treatment, the strainless steel blade offers an hardness of 70HRC for an high cutting power and longevity.

Blade material : stainless steel grade (70 HRC)
Blade length : 40 mm
Type of blade : plain blade
Handle material : Polyamide + glass fibers
Total length : 109 mm with sheath / 102 mm without sheath / 
Weight : 80 gr with sheat 
Accessories : shackle key integrated