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About Wichard

The Wichard Company was founded by Henri Wichard in Thiers in 1919. The company is both a world leader in marine fittings and a dominant industrial actor in various other industrial sectors: aeronautics, medical, automotive etc. Today the Wichard Group brings together products of the Wichard (marine and precision forging) and products of Profurl (sail furlers).
Wichard environmental charter
agandir - groupe wichard, accastillage, accastillage bateau, vente accastillage

Some key dates  

  • 1919: Repurchase of a cutlery works and founding of the company by Henri Wichard
  • 1919 to 1972: Drop forging sub-contractor
  • 1972: creation of a second works and installation of an automatic forging line
  • 1973: Michel Boissonnet, General Manager of the company, produces the first fittings in stainless steel and titanium and has them tested by Bernard Moitessier, Eric Tabarly, Alain Colas and Philippe Jeantot
  • 1978: Perfection of titanium forge for medical applications
  • 1973 to 1988: Development of the fittings range and creation of an international distribution network
  • 1984: Nouvel Economiste – Europe 1: Design Oscar: carabiner (under load)
  • 1989: Repurchase of the company by Jean-Loup Becquevort
  • 1992: Opening of a subsidiary in the U.S.A. Wichard Inc.
  • 1994: Acquisition of the Maillard company of St. Malo and launching of the first range of Wichard pulleys
  • 1998: 1st Prix au Dame Award: Wichard double-safety carabiner
  • 2002: Buy out of the Wichard company by a group of shareholders and creation of the Accasting holding company. Acquisition of Profurl, manufacturer of sail furlers
  • 2003: Opening of an agency in Saint Nazaire regrouping marine engineering and design, sales, marketing and after-sales service. Opening of a subsidiary in Australia: Wichard Pacific
  • 2003: Acquisition of the Simond company of Chamonix: manufacturer of climbing equipment
  • 2005: Acquisition of Forginox, a cutlery forge in Thiers.
  • 2006: Closing of original works and consolidation of activities at one site in an industrial park. Installation of a new forging press.
  • 2006: Installation of a high-speed machining facility for manufacture of production tooling.

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CE / WLL marking: the recognition of Wichard quality

CE / WLL marking: the recognition of Wichard quality

As some of the our products (i.e shackles carabiners etc...) can be used as lifting accessories, Wichard engraves them...
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Wichard video online

Wichard video online

Discover Wichard, its know-how forging and the markets where the company evolves: marine, aeronautics, parachuting,...

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